Avoiding gendered forms / no pronouns / null pronouns / pronounless / nullpronominal / nameself

Some people prefer not using any pronouns, instead being referred by name, initial, omitting pronouns with passive voice, or restructuring the sentence. See: lypomania's guide, Nullpronominal on LGBTA Wiki

Use names or initials instead of pronouns


  • I talked to him yesterdayI talked to Sky yesterday
  • She is really beautifulSoph is really beautiful
  • Her graduation starts soonJ's graduation starts soon

Passive voice


  • He answered the phoneThe phone was answered
  • Wen takes good care of her catWen's cat is well cared for

Rephrasing the sentence (circumlocution)


  • Lior did it all by himselfLior did it all without any help
  • Gael talks in his sleepGael talks while sleeping

Replacing a pronoun with a descriptive noun or phrase


  • She landed the plane safelyThe pilot landed the plane safely
  • This is Lea, she is into paintingThis is Lea. My friend is into painting
  • She argues that…The person who started this discussion argues that…

Dropping pronouns


  • Did you buy Tex her gift?Did you buy Tex a gift?
  • Yes, I bought it for her. I will give it to her tomorrow.Yes, I bought it. I will give it tomorrow.