The “Neutral Language Council” collective

Logo of the collective is a combination of the transgender symbol and a speech bubble that symbolises language.

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We are a queer collective dedicated to assembling, researching, shaping and promoting gender neutral and nonbinary language. We also support actions towards equality and social justice.

Our mission

We fight for freedom, respect and inclusiveness in language.

  • Freedom – so that everyone can use for themselves whatever pronouns they feel describe them best.
  • Respect – so that other people's pronouns are respected.
  • Inclusiveness – so that when we're referring to a person we don't know or a group of people, we don't assume their gender and don't exclude them for any reason.

Join us!

Do you care about non-binary and gender-neutral language? Do you want to help our collective in promoting it? Cool! Extra help is very welcome!

Areas in which you might be able to help are for example:

  • expanding and moderating dictionaries and glossaries,
  • expanding and moderating the list of sources,
  • creating graphics and social media posts,
  • replying to direct messages,
  • moderating profiles,
  • creating a new language version,
  • translating,
  • coordinating the process of adding language versions,
  • writing blog posts,
  • programming,

Some of those things require a perspective of a nonbinary person, others not necessarily. That's why we also invite binary allies.

At the moment we seem to have enough people helping with English and with moderation, so keep in mind we might not have much work to give you, if that's what you want to help with. But we could still need you in other areas (technical work, design, graphics, etc.) and other languages (including ones that are already supported, but need eg. translations of new features).

How to join? Send us an email to, in which you:

  • introduce yourself,
  • link to your profile,
  • link to your social media,
  • say if you have some experience in activist work,
  • say what you would like to help with.

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