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Pronouns.page in the media

We recommend

  • OMG.LOL – domain name provider that uses Pronouns.Page API in user profiles
  • Oengus.io – uses Pronouns.Page API in user profiles
  • BetterTweetDeck – a TweetDeck extension that, among other things, displays user's pronouns more prominently, with the help of our API
  • pronouns.js – a JavaScript library for parsing pronouns
  • PronounDB – browser extensions that display people's pronouns on various platforms
  • Non-binary inclusion in sport
  • Stats.fm – a tool for Spotify stats that uses our API for the pronouns field
  • GC Checker – a tool created by our team member @shio_o that scans a twitter user's recent public timeline and shows tweets that seem to be related to the “Gender Critical” movement.
  • TransSocial – a social media platform that integrates links to PronounsPage cards

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