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Authors of the website

  • The “Neutral Language Council” collective
    We are a queer collective dedicated to assembling, researching, shaping and promoting gender neutral and nonbinary language. We also support actions towards equality and social justice.

Contribute is an open-source project created by volunteers. You can add your contribution too! Here's some areas where we'd appreciate your help. Active contributors will be invited to join our team.

Add entries

Many sections of the website (nouns, queer terminology, inclusive dictionary…) have an option to add and edit entries. If you think something's missing or incorrect, don't hesitate to submit your entry.

Create a new language version

Instructions for creating a new language version are available here. Before starting, please contact us to coordinate with others that might be working on it too.

Add or correct translations

A translation string in an existing language version is missing or incorrect? Click on “Propose translations” in the footer and follow instructions.

Submit a pull request

Technical tasks are managed on this kanban board. Just pick an unassigned task from the “To Do” column, assign it to yourself and start working on it. Don't hesitate to ask questions.

Our mission

We fight for freedom, respect and inclusiveness in language.

  • Freedom – so that everyone can use for themselves whatever pronouns they feel describe them best.
  • Respect – so that other people's pronouns are respected.
  • Inclusiveness – so that when we're referring to a person we don't know or a group of people, we don't assume their gender and don't exclude them for any reason.

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