Hi friends! I'm pretty chill, don't worry if you do an oops! I like my neopronouns but use whatever you can wrap your head around, or simply just sub in my name.

  • Queer Queer Queer
  • Genderqueer Genderqueer Genderqueer
  • Asexual Asexual Asexual
  • Diamoric Diamoric Diamoric
  • Neptunic Neptunic Neptunic This flag has been uploaded by a user. The team of pronouns.page is not responsible for it.


  • Yes Sky
  • Okay Loren



  • Yes mx.
  • Okay mir
  • Okay [no honorific]
  • Okay くん
  • Okay sib
  • Okay bro
  • Okay dude
  • Okay enby
  • Jokingly local ancient eldritch being and/or daedric prince
  • Okay gorgeous
  • Okay beautiful
  • Okay cute
  • Okay prinxe
  • Okay princex
  • Okay friend
  • Okay partner
  • Okay datemate
  • Okay joyfriend
  • Yes SO
  • = Yes
  • = Jokingly
  • = Only if we're close
  • = Okay
  • = Nope


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